Tools for Research

User friendliness & security in:

Portals for secure video storage and access
Keep track of client interactions, survey results in your project(s). Store video information about sessions and share details with project members. Detailed notifications and clear overviews never let you loose track of what happens in your project.

We help you organising your research data!

We started this company Tools for Research (and called: Kleine Stappen in Dutch, which means: Small Steps) because we think that IT-systems should support users. We too often see that in doing research, many different systems (several Excel sheets, some Word documents, a Survey Monkey questionnaire plus one in Google and 3 different websites and so on....) are used. Plus that at least one of your project partners insists on higher security because you handle sensitive data. Usage of these many tools is due to:

  • familiarity with certain tools
  • cost
  • lack of organisational IT support for newer tools
  • lack of knowledge about what is available and/or possible.

Our experience is that attention for usage, users and their feedback makes the best systems in daily use. We therefore invite you to brainstorm with us about what you want to achieve with your team, and we will share what we know about research data organising.

And when you pay solid attention to security next to that, you can make the best applications. And that is what we do.

How do we do that?

1. Focus on the user

Users define our success.

2. KISS: Keep it super simple!

Clarity and usability are up front.
No user manuals where possible, our systems should explain their own use.

3. Structured and flexible

We work according to a plan.
And we are flexible.

4. Safe & secure

Data safety is our highest priority
Want to know more? Read all about it on our page on Hosting & Security 

5. Open source

We work with Open Source software where and when possible. This way we avoid expensive licenses and we can use the power of developer communities.

For the technically interested: we mainly work with Drupal, Wordpress, Limesurvey and R.