Video recording on iPad


In 2006 we started in the Dutch PMTO project with recording videos (at that time on Sony mini-DVD cameras) and selectively putting them online via the Dutch Broadcasting Organisation (NOB). Online videos were viewed for translation and supervision by ISII and later by PI Research. At that time Tammo was employed by TNO, the Dutch organisation for scientific research and Jan was self employed. In 2009 Jan and Tammo started their company Kleine Stappen (Small Steps), which we now (internationally) call Tools for Research, since our customer base has expanded beyond the Dutch borders.

In 2009 we started with building an infrastructure for professionals & researchers in youth care, in order to support them in keeping track of their cases and their sessions. Since 2010 therapists are able to upload their own videos through our custom built software, which runs from the same SD-card as where the recordings are stored. In the last 5 years more than 200 therapists have uploaded about 30,000 videos, totalling up to 25,000 hours of video in our portals (March 2015).

Currently more and more therapists are equipped with iPads for all kinds of professionals tasks, therefore we also looked at the possibilities to record and upload videos for iPad. We are now convinced that this is possible in a secure and user friendly way, so we proudly announce:....

The iPad record and upload App for Session Portals

This app will support therapists in recording and secure uploading their videos in a far easier way than it is done currently. The following functions are built in:

  • easy recording, using either front camera or the back camera
  • clear overview on all videos in the app
  • videos recorded in the app are not available outside the app (security)
  • videos recorded outside the app are not visible inside the app (to avoid clutter with personal videos)
  • easy choosing of the video scenes that belong to one session
  • secure uploading to your session portal with your user name and password
  • in the upload procedure choosing the right case (family/group) and session is mandatory

Other functions will be built in on request.

I'm interested, can I acquire this for my organisation?

Yes, you can, the App is available for our customers in the Volume Purchase Program of Apple. We have the app configured to work with one of our Session Portals. We can easily adapt the App to work together with your application needs. But remember, it needs a secure place for uploading to. We normally provide that in our Session Portals.

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