Safety culture monitor

The world is changing fast. Faster then ever. Nowadays safety cannot be managed with rules and regulations only. Safety is only there when all involved have safety as a concept in their professional behaviour and attitude.

Do you have an idea of the safety culture in your organisation? What aspects of the safety culture need attention in order top strengthen the safety performance?

These questions can be answered with the Safety Culture Monitor that was developed by Tools for Research. This monitor is useful for organisations or departments larger than 100 people, where safety is core business. The organisations are in Energy, Water, Gas, Industry and Government. 

The primary goal of the Safety Culture Monitor is to help organisations to make active advancements in their Safety Culture and their Safety Performance. The Safte Culture Monitor contains the following:

  • Organisation check-in and decision making
    We start with a board meeting in which we discuss expectations and possible results. And about how the monitor can best be employed within your organisation. Together we take all necessary steps. Based on that you decide if and how to deploy this Safety Culture Monitor. We develop the projects along your wishes and demands.
  • Safety Culture Monitor: collect data
    An important part of the Safety Culture Monitor is the compact survey. We work with a standardized (online) questionnaire, but this can optionally be ..... with questions that are specific for your organisation. We always want the process of the survey to go optimally smooth, so we firstly pilot the questionnaire amond a sample of your population. This may lead to some adjustments. If necessary qualitative data can be gathered during meetings, interviews or through observation.
  • Analysing your data, computing the score 
    The tested and revised questionnaire will then be deployed among (a part of) your population and all responses will be analysed. Based on the analysis we produce a presentation with your Safety Culture Score and the Safety Culture Panel. This will give a clear view on how your organisation scores on several aspects of Safety Culture. With custom analysis methods we also compute which of these aspects contributes to the safety performance of your organisation. In other words: we supply you with a steering wheel. If your organisation wishes this and only when there are enough respondents, we can also define Safety Culture Panels for smaller sections of the respondents. For example for departments.
  • Discuss and develop improvements
    We present and discuss our findings with you. We develop new strategies towards safety culture in your world, among all developments your organisation is in. This dialogue (preferably with multiple stakeholders) about safety culture contributes toward more openness about safety. This meeting will lead to shared insights in both the direction as well as the activities that are needed to make the work sustainable. Also in times of change. 
Technical details: 
  • Online questionnaire defined with LimeSurvey
  • Analysis with SPSS/PSPP
  • Safety culture panel in HTML with SVG