Limesurvey output: our solution via mPDF

As it turned out, the PDF output from LimeSurvey has a lower quality then what we expected. We wanted something better, but writing a plugin for LimeSurvey was not what we wanted. We feared it would bring in too many restrictions and we wanted complete freedom in developing. We therefore developed a module that goes around LimeSurvey: as soon as the respondent is ready filling in the survey, (s)he is presented with a button that leads to our module that directly reads results from the database.

Our solution

Using mPDF, an open source PDF generator, we now have the possibility to make CSS-styled reports. The report you see attached, is done via the report settings of one of our customers, we will add other examples later.

This solution is available as a service for our customers. The code needs to be customized per installation and (if a special report layout is needed) per survey.

You can try out this solution on our survey server.


More about mPDF: