Video uploading

For uploading videos to our portal we developed an iPad app and an application that runs on Windows PC's directly from an SD-card, so you do not need to install anything on the PC.

Standard: the TFR iPad App for Session Portals

This app will support therapists in recording and securely uploading their videos in a far easier way than it was done in the past. The following functions are built-in:

  • easy recording, using either front camera or the back camera
  • clear overview on all videos in the app
  • videos recorded in the app are not available outside the app (security)
  • videos recorded in the app will not be included in iCloud backups of the app
  • videos recorded outside the app are not visible inside the app (to avoid clutter with personal videos)
  • easy selection of the video scenes that belong to one session
  • secure uploading to your session portal with your user name and password
  • in the upload procedure choosing the right case (family/group) and session is mandatory

Other functions will be implemented on request.



Optional: Uploading from SD-card

This application is included in the price of any portal we set up for your organisation. The TFR Upload Tool can be downloaded from a specific location, reachable by all users of your Portal (any variant). After downloading, the application can be easily installed on SD-cards, even after a video was recorded. This is a low cost solution that will upload videos that were recorded with one of the commercially available cameras that we tested.