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Caution: LimeSurvey release 3.x

The theme that is described on this page is ready for LimeSurvey 2.06. It will NOT work on Limesurvey 3.x. (You may try, but it will really not work)

May 2019: we have developed an update to our previously succesful theme. Since LimeSurvey and the theme part is still too much in flux and the development team is working on both LimeSurvey 3.x and LimeSurvey 4.x, we think it is not possible to release a stable version that meets our standards for selling. We do have a github version available for anyone that wants to test.
You can find that at: https://github.com/toolsforresearch/TFR-retro

If you have any additions/alterations/improvement: please create a pull request at Github. 

If you have questions please write an issue at Github.

Limesurvey responsive template

Why would you want a new responsive template for LimeSurvey?

We are convinced that an easy to fill in, quietly looking template makes online surveys easier to fill in and will lead to a reduction in non response. We found that all currently available templates do not meet our wishes, so we developed one ourselves. Since LimeSurvey is Open Source, we gladly share the free version with everyone that wants to use it.

What is Limesurvey anyway?

If you do not know what LimeSurvey is and are interested to know more, please visit our short explainer on Limesurvey.


We have tested the template and the questions we normally use work on version 2.06 (and 2.05) of Limesurvey. We have not tested it on earlier versions, so it may probably not work on older versions (2.00 and before). The template will work fine on all modern major browsers. IE8 is not modern, so it will probably fail in that browser.

The current release (1.7.3) will not work with LimeSurvey 2.5x or 2.6x. We are working on a new release.


We offer the free template under the GPL2 License

Since we hope to distribute improved versions periodically, we hope that you send us your improvements, so we can incorporate them in newer versions. We cannot guarantee that we will incorporate all suggestions, but we will certainly look at them. Please subscribe to our newsletter and/or visit our website for news on the template.

Free, Premium, Custom: what is the difference?

  Free Premium Custom
Bootstrap 3 based responsive layout
Usage of signal colors only - Made to your specification
Multiple color variants available - - Made to your specification
Support Limesurvey Forum
Github Page
Support form Support form
Error reports Github Page Support form Support form
Responsive tables (for usage on mobile phones) -
Better styling of question index -
Basic styling of slider questions - -
Improved styling of slider questions (indication if the slider moved at all) -
Notification when new version is available

Limesurvey Forum

Personal mail to buyers
LimeSurvey Forum
Personal mail to buyers
New versions downloadable


1 year after purchase After bug fixes through service contract
Warm feeling, because you support us in developing this template - ✔✔
Price Free 99 dollar depends on what you need...
  Download Order Contact us!


To show you what we have made thusfar and how it looks, we also made a demonstration survey. This demo in LimeSurvey 2.06 uses the Premium template. 

Go to demo survey

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Defining the template and project management: Tools for Research
Design: Peter Emil van den Berg aka pixelliquid
Workflow and technical support: Clemens Tolboom

Inspired by Bootstrap and the work done in BootstrapForLimeSurvey.

December 2016