Dutch Decent Work Survey

For FNV (the largest Dutch worker's union) we developed the technical aspects of the Gewoon Goed Werk-Meter (Dutch implementation of the Decent Work index), with two main goals:

  1. each respondent receives a personalized report on how she/he experiences the work and where to find possible improvements.This report is generated at the end of filling in the survey. In the report the respondent is presented with a comparison of her/his own results with others in the organisation, the sector and the country (only when enough respondents are there to compare with)
  2. for the workers' union it is a tool for gaining insight in workers experience in several sectors and organizations. These results are used for negotiations and other work of the workers union.

The GGWM is a survey that was developed by FNV, based on the English Decent Work Index. The survey was validated multiple times by TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).

Technical details: 
  • The website of the GGWM was build with Drupal7
  • the survey was build with LimeSurvey.
  • The reporting system was built with jQuery based on direct interaction with the LimeSurvey database.